Staff Veterinarians


For the health of your pet, our staff veterinarians are on call for our facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have also developed pet care protocols with our staff veterinarians for on-site treatment of minor problems such as hotspots and upset stomachs. We also monitor for flare-ups of pre-existing health problems. If a serious problem arises, we immediately take your pet to our staff veterinarians if your own veterinarian is unavailable. It is extremely important that owners disclose all health issues of our guests, no matter how minor they are.

The Staff Veterinarians are also available to booster our Guests vaccines if they are due to expire during or shortly after their stay.

Our staff veterinarians have been serving the St. Louis Metro East area for over 45 years. They are locally owned and operated, and concentrate on the study, treatment, and control of animal injuries and diseases, the treatment of acute and chronic illness, the immunization of healthy animals against disease, surgery, nutrition, radiology, dental care, and preventive care for dogs and cats. They understand that your pets are family, they are your “babies”. It’s their goal to provide comprehensive veterinary care for your “babies”, all while providing care and compassion for some of the most important members of your family: your pets.

For more information about our staff veterinarians, please visit their website at